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Project Management at Kush Technologies LLC covers some widely differing roles from administration and estimating, through to key-account project management.


The one thing that all the disciplines within Project Management have in common is you the client. Acting as the link between you and Kush Technologies LLC’s operations and its supplier partners, Project Management support clients by helping solve problems and issues to best deliver accurate, timely, and innovative solutions.


When does it work best? When our clients allow us in and to better understand what their end goals are – from an item or product level, right through to what they’re trying to achieve as an organisation.


Project Management is ever–changing to keep in–line with the fast moving industry we work in, the rate of change in the past year alone has seen so many new ways and initiatives.


In a highly competitive market, Project Management is just one link, but a glue to all parts of the process chain, that can and often does make a difference. When a project is handled well, and the client knows they’ve had excellent customer service, they know they were right to choose Kush Technologies LLC.