Web Solutions / Development


Our Approach
Our Web Application Development team is passionate about using rock-solid web technologies to help you achieve your goals by:

  • Understanding your business needs and developing the right technology solution to meet those needs.
  • Focusing on creating staff and visitor buy-in throughout the application development process to facilitate adoption critical to success.
  • Developing systems that allow for efficient growth over time and seeing the big picture to understand how our work fits into your organizational strategy.


Our Process Planning:
We believe the key to successful development projects lies in the planning phase, or, for application development projects, the requirements definition. It is during this critical phase of the project that we gain valuable insights to ensure our team has both your big picture strategic view as well as the exacting details that translate into the difference between a site that simply works and a site that generates return on investment, has a high adoption rate and streamlines your business processes. By asking tough questions and listening carefully to your responses we determine the optimum design, appropriate toolset and best path to execution and then translate those findings into a concise, yet technical document that serves as our blueprint for development.


Once we have completed the gathering and documentation of your requirements, our team of experts  begin to create rock-solid applications tailored to your individual needs.  As our teams are involved in your project throughout the planning stage, every developer who works on your application constantly keeps both the big picture goals and minute details in mind as we create databases, build online searches, and develop your interactive systems. With our usability experts on hand at every stage of a project, we make sure that all of our web application development work isn’t simply flawlessly functional, but grounded in usability best practices.


Quality Assurance:
As with our development team, our quality assurance team is involved from the beginning of your application development project working with our Director of Technology to create a rigorous testing plan designed to make sure that all development work matches our requirements document and meets your needs. Our team is also extremely skilled in regression testing to make sure that as your system changes over time all appropriate aspects of the system are tested as new functionality is deployed.


Commitment to Your Success:
Application development isn’t just about writing code or designing databases—it’s about translating your business processes and operations online. You want a partner who understands the significance and impact of moving operations (large or small) online and who will remain 100% focused and committed to your success throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our team has managed countless application development projects to success through our commitment to the quality of our work and to your success.


Our Solutions
Content Management That Really Works:
Are you looking to keep your web site up-to-date, cut maintenance costs and empower those in your organization to update your site without it becoming a free-for-all of inconsistency? Do you feel that you’re spending half your time collecting content from departments in your organization and the other half sending it to your web developer?
We have catered as per the evolving needs of our clients and has developed proven solutions to allow them to manage their content in-house with ease using web-based tools. We have a proven record of designing, developing and deploying these time-saving applications that allow you to spend your time focusing on your core competencies and not on worrying if your web site is up-to-date.


Searchable Databases:
A customer who can quickly locate products or information at your site is more likely to stay, buy, return, or spread the word. A searchable database makes it easy for customers to find what they're looking for by keywords or specific categories. User-friendly control panels allow a site administrator to manage your products or information independently. Whether your data needs involve 100, 100,000 or 1 million records we stand out in its ability to deliver your data to your site visitors in record time.


e-Commerce That Pays Off:
We provide solutions for every aspect of e-commerce beginning with the establishment of an Internet merchant account, providing referrals of fulfillment centers and continuing through the development or integration of business intelligence tools. For the sale of things from an association's publications to a retailer's product line, we offer database-driven e-commerce applications that allow clients to add and edit items, offer member discounts, change shipping rates and more.  When implemented with our real-time customer service chat application, "Talk to a Live Representative," our clients are providing easy-to-use, secure online purchasing to their customers and members.

Our Solutions Includes:
Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
Web Solutions / Development
Remote DBA Support